A Short Guide To The Climate Crisis

At this current moment in time there are millions of people across the world protesting governments responses to climate change. This issue has really taken centre stage in many agendas and the state the earth is in currently is being described by many as a “climate emergency”

What Is Climate Change?

In a nutshell , climate change is the earth’s natural environment changing due to a series of events or factors. In the past climate change has come as part of a natural cycle or reaction from the eco system.

However in recent years climate change has been strongly attributed to environmental damage from human activity on earth. The majority of this damage has come about as a result of mass waste as well as pollution which is thought to be increasing overall carbon dioxide levels.

What Is Causing Climate Change?

There are many different suspected and documented sources of climate change. Many different factors collectively contribute to increased overall carbon emissions as well as a rising global temperature. Some of the main factors are primarily from large industrial settings such as power plants , mines , coal factories , metalwork’s and oil factories.

On the whole it is difficult to pinpoint one select main factor that is contributing the most to climate change as in reality there are many different ways in which the environment can be affected negatively. However it can be argued that one of the biggest carbon emissions producers is aviation.

Air travel creates a significant amount of carbon emissions due to the amount of fuel needed in order to power planes. Typically an average airliner burns hundreds of gallons of fuel on the runway prior to takeoff. The emissions figures from aviation has prompted many climate activists and campaigners to dissuade people from flying and encouraging people to travel by rail and other methods.

What Is Being Done To Slow Down Climate Change?

Climate change is accelerating at such a rate that many ordinary people are choosing to campaign with climate activists in order to raise awareness about the issue globally. There is a lot that is being done to actively slow down the rate at which climate change is affecting the environment around us.

One of the main ways in which this issue is being tackled is through the use of social media campaigns as well as protests in major cities. Groups such as extinction rebellion have been very prominent and active in raising awareness about issues such as climate change.

This has had a significant overall impact as increasingly more and more people around the world , including politicians are talking about climate change and the effect it is having on the world overall. The more awareness that is spread about the issue then the more likely it is to be tackled overall.

What Change Might We See In The Near Future?

There is a significant amount of change that we may see in the near future in terms of overall climate change. One of the major announcements which has already been planned for the future by a number of governments is the establishment of fuel powered vehicles.

It is thought that petrol and diesel vehicles produce too much carbon emissions due to the numbers on the road so therefore many countries worldwide are adopting electric vehicle technology. However this technology is still being developed and remain expensive for the average working person.