A Lifestyle Advice Guide On How to Beat the January Blues

Woman exercising in January

It’s the second Monday in January 2018, congratulations on surviving the first week of a new year. Some people have already been back to work and the realisation that the party is over has finally set in. For those who are just returning to work today: good luck! You are going to need it. It is common for this time of year to feel a little lost and lethargic so it’s a great time to set yourself some goals and create a plan for the coming weeks and months. Below are a few ideas for some projects and activities you can start working on, this is especially useful for those who are abstaining from alcohol for the next few weeks. You could pick one to full dedicate yourself to until completion then move on to the next or if you are up for a challenge and are good at multitasking you could attempt to take on several at the same time.

Health and Fitness

This Janaury project is not for everyone, it takes a lot of determination and dedication which can be made difficult for people living in colder climates. It is the standard “New Year, New Me” mantra to climb upon the fitness high horse and proclaim to the world how healthy you have become. However there is no need to post every gym sesh completed and celery stick consumed to feel good. Whatever your fitness level is, set out realistic goals for either attending the gym, or taking part in some form of exercise either cycling, swimming or any sport at all will do.  Make a note of how often you would like to work out and stick to it. You could also set a goal for eating more healthily. Again this doesn’t need to be ride or die. You could set small manageable tasks, such as no takeaways for a month or only have crisps and chocolates on the weekends. Set goals that are achievable and build from there. You are guaranteed to feel focused and centred if you can stick to these.

Declutter your home in January

Home Improvements

A new year is a great point to pin a fresh start and nothing feels more refreshing than decluttering your home. It’s best to take it one room at a time, be strict and throw out anything you haven’t used in the past few months. Donate as much as you can to charity or if you have something that’s fairly new or worth a lot of money you could try selling it online. Once you have decluttered one room you can do a deep clean and re-organise. If you need help planning and organising your decluttering you should have a look at The January Cure for inspiration.

Loch Lomond in January

Reconnect with Nature

There isn’t much to do in January when the weather is so bitter however you should try to avoid staying cooped up indoors for the entire winter. Anyone with access to a car should take a day trip to a scenic location and go for a walk and take in the views. There are several places just a few hours away from Glasgow that have stunning sights and opportunity to see some wildlife. It may be cold but you are sure to feel a little more centred and connected after spending some time in the great outdoors.