Carbon Dioxide Sensors

Carbon dioxide sensors are very useful pieces of kit to have and increasingly more and more companies are purchasing them in their droves for a variety of different purposes. larger industrial firms tend to buy heavy duty sensors for health and safety of workers whereas some merchant ships may purchase some of the same type but to monitor emissions coming from the ship or its cargo. Regardless of where the sensor is being used what cannot be denied is that carbon dioxide sensors are extremely versatile and robust pieces of equipment.

carbon dioxide sensors

What Uses Are Carbon Dioxide Sensors Given?

As previously mentioned carbon dioxide sensors are given a wide variety of different uses and applications within different environments. One of the most common applications of carbon dioxide sensors is their use within domestic properties. Due to the majority of the UK properties having gas powered ovens or central heating there is a necessity for carbon dioxide sensors. This is why many properties may own a carbon dioxide sensor or have been given one by their local authority. Another area in which carbon dioxide sensors can be commonly be found is within commercial premises. You are likely to encounter a carbon dioxide sensor in this form of environment as often excess C02 can be produced and needs to be monitored to ensure the safety of staff.

carbon dioxide sensors

What Are The Dangers Of C02?

C02 is normally harmless within the earths natural atmosphere when it is saturated with oxygen and other elements. However if C02 is found present in the atmosphere in higher than normal levels then it can become extremely hazardous to humans. Even small levels of excess C02 could render someone unconsciousness and left untreated could lead to death. What makes C02 even more lethal is the fact that it is odorless and invisible which means it is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.

carbon dioxide sensors

Why Are C02 Emissions Significant

C02 emissions are significant for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons for C02 emissions being significant is global warming. Global warming and climate change has brought the general public’s attention to the fact that C02 is potentially contributing to the temperature increasing around the world. Furthermore the C02 that is present is also thought to be damaging the ozone layer.Therefore the C02 sensor is being seen more and more at industrial sites as well as other locations in order to monitor the amount of pollution/emissions going into the earths atmosphere.

What Is Being Done To Cut C02 Emissions?

There is currently a lot of projects and plans underway that are looking at cutting C02 emissions within the United Kingdom. One of the biggest changes that could potentially be coming is the ban of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2050. This would mean far less carbon emissions than is currently being produced. To conclude overall carbon dioxide sensors continue to serve a very important purpose and are likely to remain in service for the foreseeable future.