Eco Friendly Alternatives to Your Everyday Products

person getting lentils from a lentil dispenser

Are you looking for more eco friendly alternatives to your everyday products? Consider using Reusable, Compostable and Upcycled alternatives. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the top alternatives that you can look for. You can also consider purchasing upcycled items if you want to further reduce the amount of plastic waste. And you … Continue reading "Eco Friendly Alternatives to Your Everyday Products"

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The Best Technologies to Fight Climate Change

factory emitting gas

As climate goals are increasingly difficult to reach, energy experts are recommending four new technologies to slow the pace of climate change. These technologies are Carbon-negative, use wind and solar power, and have become more affordable and accessible globally. Listed below are some of the best technologies to fight climate change. Carbon-negative technologies One of … Continue reading "The Best Technologies to Fight Climate Change"

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The Easiest Ways to Help the Environment at Home

holding a bag of apples

There are a few simple things you can do at home to improve the environment. These are: Recycling, Using reusable shopping bags, Walking or Biking, Installing a programmable thermostat, and using low-phosphate washing-up liquid. These can all make a difference in the air we breathe, and they can also reduce pollution. And, if you’re not … Continue reading "The Easiest Ways to Help the Environment at Home"

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The Benefits of Recycling


The advantages of recycling are many: decreasing waste, creating new jobs, preventing greenhouse gases, and allowing a non-circular economy to exist. However, without a way to use recycled materials, the recycling process just does not work. If the discarded materials cannot find a new place to be recycled, then recycling access, collection, processing and disposal … Continue reading "The Benefits of Recycling"

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