Day 2 Lateral Flow Glasgow: A Guide For International Travel


Unvaccinated individuals coming to the UK from abroad are required by law to self-isolate for ten days. For those wanting to make the self-isolation shorter, the government offers a scheme through which they can reduce the time by taking an extra Covid-19 test. Still, providers of Test to Release services must fulfil specific minimum requirements enforced by the government.

What Is The Purpose Of A Day 2 Lateral Flow Glasgow Test?

To keep you and those around you safe after arriving in the United Kingdom, you must have a day 2 Covid test. If you obtain a positive result from your day 2 test, you should self-isolate for ten days after you get the results. Individuals with whom you live or have travelled should also self-isolate for ten days if they get a positive result from their day 2 lateral flow test in Glasgow.

Why Should I Take A Day 2 Covid Test?

Day 2 tests are crucial for all international tourists entering the United Kingdom, despite their immunization status. Passengers who are not fully immunized or not vaccinated must undergo a required PCR test on days 2 and 8. Still, they may also take an optional Day 5 “Test to Release” that, if negative, allows them to be released from isolation early.

If you are fully vaccinated (both doses) in the United Kingdom, you do not need to isolate and are only required to do a day 2 lateral flow Glasgow test. Before visiting the United Kingdom, you must have been vaccinated for at least 14 days.

You should schedule your day 2 lateral flow test in Glasgow before returning to the UK. You may buy your tests whenever convenient to you, and it will be dispatched on the day of your comeback to the UK. You should order at least six days before your return. Purchasing your kit less than six days in advance may lead to delaying your testing. Randox, one of the leaders that provide tests for Covid-19, promises 2–6 trading days for delivery (this does not include Sundays or Bank Holidays).

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What Is A Lateral Flow Test, And How Do I Get One?

You need to make sure you have a lateral flow test from an authorized private agency before returning to your own country. A list of organizations that offer covid tests can be found on the UK government site – it’s the same booking process as for the PCR tests that were necessary until now. Most travellers will find it easier to buy a test kit and have it delivered by day 2. You must snap a picture of your (hopefully negative) result and email it to the supplier once you have tested yourself. Some airports also offer testing centres where you may receive your day 2 lateral flow test right after landing.
You can visit Randox website and get updated on the latest ways of getting COVID testing.