How to Hire Event Staff for Your Expansive Temporary Buildings

Manager of temporary buildings looks over a construction site.

Expanding your company is an exciting process, but comes with a lot more responsibility and sometimes a bit of added stress. When working in the warehouse and storage industry, taking on more sales, customers or clients means you will need a lot more space to store all of your merchandise. This can be an issue if you have a sudden upsurge in orders, but insufficient space for loading and storing. As finding new premises can take some time and carrying out construction requires many permits and red tape to get through, you may be panicking that you won’t be able to manage it all. The solution is simple, purchase temporary buildings to house your extra product while you await your permanent solution. Also, hire event staff to assist with your expansion so that the job is carried out quickly and smoothly.

Example of expansive temporary buildings from the inside filled with lots of stock.

What Are Temporary Buildings?

Temporary buildings are very similar to regular buildings, except they do not require the same foundational structure. By using specialised materials and following strict construction regulation, temporary buildings can be relied upon for short to mid-term for structures such as warehouse, pavilions, showrooms, offices and various types of commercial events. There is a broad range of styles and functional characteristics to choose from when it comes to temporary buildings, such as two levels, glass fronts, branded decoration and unique entryways. The greatest thing about temporary structures is that you do not need planning permission as long as you own or have rights to the land upon which it is constructed. Also, erecting a temporary building can be done in a matter of mere days. Thus, your issue of requiring an expanded space urgently is resolved.

Inside view of one of the recently completed temporary buildings.

How to Hire Event Staff for Construction?

Constructing a temporary building requires an experienced team that specialises in temporary structures. If you require several temporary buildings within a fairly short space of time then you are best to hire event staff to assist with the construction. Professional event staff companies are highly trained in the construction of temporary buildings and therefore would be able to assist you in your mission to expand under tight deadlines. A key characteristic of these types of staffing companies is their excellent project management skills and their ability to work cohesively with other teams. This is important as the supplier of materials of your temporary structure may provide a basic team for construction, and therefore you will hire event staff separately to assist. This is often a necessity when the structure is required immediately and not all staff are available from the building suppliers.