Link Between Alcohol and Depression

woman sad holding a bottle of wine

Many People suffer from mood swings because of issues at work or even in recreation such as losing a match. Therefore, to settle the waves of their agitated mind, people turn to alcohol in order to momentarily calm their mind and forget about the current issues.

Many people feel when they are not mentally strong enough to battle the ups and downs of life that alcohol will provide them peace.

Do you think this depressant spirit helps drive out depression? Well, this post will undoubtedly answer this question!

man watching tv while drinking wine

What are the Reasons for Using Alcohol to Treat Depression?

Alcohol is not a home remedy for treating depression. Let’s look at the possible reasons that develop a link between alcohol and a depressed person.


Blaming genes for becoming an alcoholic while struggling with depression is valid to some extent. However, family history matters little in case of alcohol disorder and causational depression.

Following the Footsteps

You may have started copying someone who used to drink when he passed through a similar situation like yours in the past. 

Results vary between persons so don’t be a copycat in such a sensitive matter, nor take any advice from any such person. Tolerance levels differ and alcohol tends to have vastly different effects on people.

Low Esteem and Personality Troubles

A pessimist loses hope and feels helpless; therefore, he quickly adopts all the negative habits. It’s pretty tricky for such persons to free themselves from the chains of depression.


Recent sad events can be a reason for depression. So, have you recently lost your job? It’s pretty heart-wrenching, but that doesn’t mean you need to become an alcohol addict.

Drinking alcohol won’t get you a new job, an alcohol issue may even make you ineligible for the new one.

An alcohol test is mandatory to secure a job in many well-reputed companies. Therefore, you will not get a job anywhere until alcohol doesn’t run through your veins.

What Do You Know About Depression?

People usually mark depression as a state of mind in which a person feels knocked out and overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Indicated by low mood, low energy, and melancholy feelings.

But actually, depression is much more than feeling sad and ruined. You can’t say a person is depressed if they merely aren’t smiling or laughing.

There are different signs of being depressed like

  • Headache
  • Low energy level 
  • Low morale
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscular Pain
  • Difficulty to focus
  • Insomnia
  • Frustration

Is Alcohol Helpful in Treating depression?

Alcohol cannot bring happiness back to your life, but it can surely hand over a positive report of an alcohol test. As many companies are issuing alcohol and drug tests for new recruits and random tests for current employees it is best to stay sober and prepared.

Treating your depression with alcohol is the worst idea as it is momentary. However, in a world driven by instant gratification it can seem expedient to solve problems instantly through a “magic elixir.” however alcohol is a type of elixir which can be highly addictive and wears off in a short time.

You may have seen it in an old movie in which the ruined, heartbroken Romeo drinks bottles of wine to forget his love. Unfortunately, rather than obliviating the past, alcohol will give you flashbacks repeatedly.

Alternative Treatments

Several other paths are open for treating this mental disorder. For example, you can use anti-depressant pills on your physician’s prescription or visit the clinic of a professional psychologist.

Are you scared of visiting clinics? It’s better to visit a hill station. Spend quality time with your family and friends there. Get some air and capture the natural sceneries to keep your mind fresh.

Final Comments

Waiting for a miracle to save you from alcohol abuse and depression is a waste of time. Instead, your willpower matters and brings you out of the dark. For more tips on how to keep healthy at an older age check out this article.