Pallet Lifter Not Just For Big Enterprise


Expansion is an exciting time for any business, and must be approached carefully and risks must be managed effectively.  It is crucial for any small to medium sized enterprise going through any form of growth not to gamble on opportunity and loss.  Sure you will have to take risks as you make important decisions, this is unavoidable, but smart choices will put you in good stead for the future.   If you looking to increase your ingoing and outgoing capacity for products, a pallet lifter is an essential piece of equipment and an investment that will pay dividends over time as it saves you time and money in your warehousing efforts.

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What Is A Pallet Lifter

There are many different forms that a pallet lifter can come in.   One of the most recognisable types that can be seen in most warehouses or workshops is the standard manual operated pallet mover.  These can lift around 2500 kilograms to a height of 200mm.  These are relatively cheap and accessible, starting at around £250, they will last for years if looked after and generally come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.  This pallet mover not only transports pallets around safely and securely, but they also ensure the safety of your staff.  A manual pallet lifter will also speed up operations and save you time and money that can be passed onto the consumer.  One of these could literally pay for itself in a few months.

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Different Types Of Pallet Lifter

Pallet trucks generally come in two main categorical specifications, manual and electric.  Within these two categories there is a host of different sizes and capabilities that can meet the needs of different businesses operations.  Manual pallet trucks come in standard specification, long specification with extra long reach forks and high stack configuration, which allows pallets to be moved up to a vertical height of 1.6 meters.  This a few of the main sub categories of pallet stacker, however they do come in variations of these with different features, for example they can come with weight scales built into the unit itself.


Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet lifters are generally more expensive than their manual counterpart, usually starting at around £2000 for a decent unit.  These models are not quite as powerful in terms of lifting capacity as the manual versions, usually capable of around 1500KG for a standard model.  However the attraction is the electric capabilities of these units mean that they are usually slightly more efficient and can move more product in a given work day.  This makes them perfect for busy workshops and warehousing that are looking to streamline the amount of time taken moving goods and maximise efficiency.  Thanks to advances in battery technology in recent years, electric pallet trucks will go all day on a single charge, and will only increase in power and productivity, as battery technology gets more effective. 

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Finding a pallet lifter that can meet your businesses requirements is easy thanks to increasingly accessible technology, and these handy pieces of equipment can not only save your money, time and work force, but they pass these savings onto the end consumer.