Reducing Plastic Pollution In The US

Are you aware of the problems of reducing plastic pollution? Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in modern day life. It is used in everything from baby bottles, food packaging, and even decorative items such as beach balls. Plastic can harm the ecosystem in several ways.

It takes a large amount of natural energy to manufacture plastic items. The production of plastic items usually affects the natural environment through air pollution and other forms of ground pollution. It also consumes oil products, which are used primarily for raw ingredients in making microfibers.

In some areas of the country plastic bag legislation has been passed. There have been different laws passed in California regarding reducing plastic pollution. In 2021 the state of California passed a law requiring all businesses and public institutions to place reusable bags on their shelves. San Francisco is also considering legislation that would charge business and other establishments a fee if they do not use a reusable bag program.

A recent study shows that the amount of plastic waste disposed each year in the US is increasing. This is mainly due to increased consumption of all types of plastic bags, but also because of lack of recycling plastic for household use. It is estimated that in the next decade America will produce more plastic than gold. With this much plastic trash it is becoming increasingly difficult to reduce plastic pollution in the US.

To reduce plastic waste in the US and promote recycling, there is need to create infrastructure such as landfills. The use of kerbside plastic shopping bags is encouraged in many US cities by providing tax benefits to households. By using these kinds of bags you are in essence helping to reduce plastic pollution in the US. It is estimated that in the long run such landfills will hold 400 billion pounds of trash. One can only imagine how much plastic waste can build up in these kinds of landfills.

If you live in California and you want to help out in reducing plastic pollution in the state, you can contact your state or county government and look for information regarding new laws which reduce or eliminate the use of foam in single-use plastic shopping bags. Plastic foam food containers account for most of the plastic waste which ends up in landfills. In recent years the state of California has passed a single-use plastic shopping bag bill which requires restaurants, catering companies and other catering service providers to buy reusable foam food containers. These foam bags are made from natural ingredients such as rice. If you have not yet joined the bandwagon then you should do so as soon as possible.