Sexual Health and Ageing: Things to Keep in Minds

man and old man walking up stairs

Who says making love is only limited to younger age! Romance and love are free birds which can never be captured in the cage of age. You can enjoy the moments in bedsheets with your partner in your 50s as you did in your 20s. There is no reason to be shy or feel awkward in satisfying your soul at a late age.

aged man kissing cheek of aged woman

However, women may have menopause and won’t give you good news about becoming a father. But still, sexual desire is present in them, and men have to fulfil it. You need to keep some points in mind while having a sexual relationship with your partner so you can keep up your sexual health, even if you are old. This post will guide you about the factors you must remember about sexual health at a late age.

Don’t Stop the Conversation.

Sex begins with a romantic conversation. A communication gap is one of the primary reasons for losing intimacy in most cases. For a perfect sexual life, you better spend your time with your partner rather than reading small font-sized books.

Say No to Worries

If you think you have the same potential to satisfy your partner in your 50s, you are miscalculating the circumstances. Females usually face some vaginal problems at a late age due to menopause. The sexual health of men may also be impacted at a later age as men may suffer from prostate gland disorder. Therefore, both genders face some reduction in their sexuality. But still, you can have fun in your warm and cosy bed.

So despite worrying about the factor that will you be able to satisfy your partner, just focus on creating some memorable moments and shed your stress.

Old-Age Diseases

You were physically and sexually active at a young age. But every age has its conditions and circumstances. Your sexual health also decreases as you face other medical complications.

If someone has arthritis or cardiovascular diseases, they won’t be able to enjoy sex to its peak! A person taking pills to control their heart pumping cannot afford a surge in their heartbeat. Similarly, those men with muscular pain cannot exert the same energy while ejaculating the sperms.

Surgical Interventions

Surgeries are a common problem when you step into your 50s or 60s. Depending on your physical health, you may have to be admitted to the hospital for cardiac, renal, liver or prostate gland surgery.

A surgical intervention makes the person weak. Therefore, you cannot make love until your body recovers and your doctor declares you are physically fit.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

The biggest challenge to having a healthy sexual lifestyle for any age is sexually transmitted infection. So as you go for regular check-ups after 4-6 months, you must also go for sexual testing after regular intervals.

Whether it’s a matter of erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, or something that indicates an infection, sexual testing is the best way to ensure your sexual health.

All in a Nutshell

Quitting sex may lead you to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression in your 50s. But you can still recall the same old days of adulthood in your 50s by keeping the above factors in your mind!