What Is Green Transition?

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The green transition is a new movement to make Europe climate neutral by 2050, where the human race will no longer be dependent on fossil fuels and other sources of energy. The green transition marks the transitional period between today, when the human lifestyle is not sustainable in the long run, and the time at which radical action will no longer threaten the world’s health. It is a period during which new environmental standards will be set, as the human population increases and the resources that remain available deplete. It is also a time during which new sustainable technologies are being developed so that the Earth’s present problems can be solved as well.

While the green transition is still unfolding, we can already observe that the Earth is in a state of dynamic equilibrium. At this time, it is essential to implement the sustainable economic model in order to continue the human population growth that has been the foundation of the current society. The sustainable economic model advocates that people become more self-sufficient as soon as possible and that all sources of energy and wealth be harnessed for the common good. The green movement advocates a return to the gold standard by eliminating or minimizing the use of money as a means of exchange. By doing so, it seeks to reverse the global warming that has taken place since the industrial revolution and begin a self-sustaining balance in nature.

The European bank developed an extensive report on the green transition which can be seen online. In this report, the role of the international community, as well as individual governments, are discussed. The report concludes that while the green trend is on the rise, the rate of increase is much slower than the rate at which gases emissions were decreasing over the last few decades. The speed of increase, however, is much higher than what is required to reverse global warming. If the greenhouse gas emission cuts are to be realized, it will be a gradual and insufficient increase, thus substantially limiting the scope for further climate change damages.

Final Words

 Regardless of how many initiatives are there among leaders, we should all participate and be more proactive if we want to see real results. The green transition needs to happen at a local level, with citizens engaged in climate activism and policy, more action from our side, and less criticism towards those that do something for this earth. Every industry should take initiative and work towards making beneficial improvements, even the industries that don’t pollute in an obvious way like nightclubs and restaurants but can still cut a lot of waste and become more sustainable.